Best Psychology Books

On this page: a personal selection of nonfiction books on psychology, notable articles and podcast episodes about mental health and more.


This Reading List includes the top psychology books I’ve come across. I’ve rounded up books that cover the subjects of depression, anxiety, addiction, telling secrets, trauma, self-love, relationships, and more. From understanding trauma to recognising the symptoms within ourselves and others, and finding ways to heal.


The book pickings below ⬇️ are my favourite books on this topic and I obviously read every single one of them. Stay tuned if you want to read more of the best psychology books.


Must read books about psychology


Tell Me Who I Am

Tell me who I am is a memoir and a book about childhood trauma.





Telling Lies

In this book Paul Ekman outlines common motives for lying, the science of using so-called `micro-expressions´ to detect deception and the concept of leaking emotion.




Pamela Meyer shares proven techniques to detect deception.




What happened to you

What Happened To You?








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