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"The personal newsletter is different. It’s like a little essay, sent by a real person, designed to be read right inside your inbox, and written in a much more intimate, less formal tone of voice."

“The more we share with each other, the closer we become, the wider our circles grow.”

The HotPot is a personal global venture – an ultimate glimpse into Lisanne’s mind – at the service of the reader. This newsletter is for the inherently curious – people who love the joy of learning something new and expanding their own perspectives. Each Sunday, a surprising thought or idea opens a world of fascinating information for readers to explore.

Founded by Lisanne, The HotPot, which launched in April 2022, is inspired by her lifelong habit of keeping journals to make sense of the self and the world around her. This weekly newsletter serves up an exclusive personal essay by Lisanne, and other stories, pieces of literature, information, thoughts, perspectives, and conversations with a thoroughly global lens. It is a batch of thoughtful publications brimming with fascinating stories and life lessons that inspire us all not simply to be more curious about the world around us but, ultimately, to be of service.

Now, with the launch of The HotPot, everyone is invited.

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I’m not going to overwhelm you with promotions and banner ads or sponsors. In fact, the newsletter is a haven, a place of relief from the noise.

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A labour of love, written, curated and crafted by a real human being to give you a glimpse of what’s on my mind.

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