The Best Books on Trauma to understand it better

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Looking for great books? This is my personal selection of the best books on trauma. For this book list, I polled several doctors, scientists, authors, and experts in the field on the books they recommend. I try to thoughtfully curate all of my reading lists so that you can be sure that any book recommended on this page is worth your time. On top of that, the page also includes links to notable articles and podcast episodes.

Understanding trauma is important as it’s a fundamental part of our mental health. However, trauma shows up in many shapes and forms, and because of that, there is a lot to explore and understand more about the topic. For this book list, I’ve featured books below that reflect on childhood trauma, generational trauma, triggers, and more. I hope this list can be a contribution to a better understanding of ourselves and others. Here are some of the best books on trauma.

The best books on trauma

The Body Keeps the Score

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Tell me who I am

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A memoir about Alex who lost his memory and his twin brother who helps him reconstruct his dark and traumatic past.

What Happened to You?

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Personal conversations on trauma, resilience, and healing.

More of the best books on trauma

When the Body Says No

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Maté explores and explains the role of stress and one’s emotional makeup in an array of common diseases.

Educated: A memoir
by Tara Westover

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Tara grows up in isolation due to her parents’ beliefs and despite the abuse and childhood trauma she eventually makes her way to Harvard and Cambridge.

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