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I’m always happy to talk about great books (and movies) and to hear what other people are doing, since I’m usually available for recommendations. But I’m also often asked about what I am reading and watching – either because people want to learn more about certain topics or they read my blog and then got curious.

Therefore I have added books worth reading to this bookshelf. All of these books learned me something meaningful or helped me change my perspective on things at some point in my life. I hope you find something that catches your interest and that you enjoy the books as much as I did!

My bookshelf

Why women don’t ask

The seven habits of highly effective people – by Stephen Covey

Educated –
by Tara Westover

educated by tara westover
Head over to my book review for my thoughts on Educated.

Tell Me Who I Am –
by Alex and Marcus Lewis

Read my thoughts about this story in Building a life losing all your memories

by Studs Terkel

Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel ...

The Gig Economy –
by Diane Mulcahy

Man’s Search For Meaning
by Victor Frankl

Nonviolent communication – 
by Marshall P. Rosenberg

How to be Miserable, 40 strategies you already use
by Randy Paterson

The Seat of the Soul
by Gary Zukav

This is Marketing –
by Seth Godin

On Reading –
by Steve McCurry

Seeing ourselves: Women’s self-portraits
by Frances Borzello

Talking on Water
by Jonathan White

The Art of Intuition
by Sophy Burnham

Bad Blood –
by John Carreyrou

Head over to this book review to Read my thoughts about this story.

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