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From the time I was a little girl, books have guided me. They have helped me see and understand the world and myself. I owe a debt of gratitude to all the brilliant authors over the last decades – I wouldn’t know what I know today without them.

I take great pleasure in exchanging books with friends and relatives, and then share and discuss with eachother what we think of them. During those conversations I figured out that even though reading the same book, every person connects to different parts of the story. Our experiences are unique to us so books often lead to interesting and meaningful conversations.

The several life stories and anecdotes enriched my reading experience and inspired me to create this blog – which allows me to have conversations and share book recommendations with more interesting people than the ones I hold close. I hope the non fiction books to read on this bookshelf will help you find something that catches your interest and that it saves you the time and hussle of browsing through the millions of available titles.

Let’s join the conversation.

My Latest Book Recommendation

Tell Me Who I Am

Complex family ties, a car accident, and lost memories. I was in awe of these characters and their unusual life story. I´m glad I got the chance to know more about them. Read on for community reviews and my thoughts about the book.

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I´ve put together an extensive book archive with non fiction books to read. These are personal recommendations for you to delve into. Join conversations about thought provoking books you are reading and leave your thoughts.


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