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In When the body says no, Gabor Maté writes about disease and illnesses from the lens of the mind-body perspective. The cost of hidden stress on our bodies and health comes with a high price. Through this lens Maté invites us to (learn how) to listen to our guts and bodies, and act on the signs of stress with more emotional competence.

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This book certainly shows it age

`They ask me if it’s true that when we bury somebody we dig ‘em out in four, five years and replace ‘em with another one. I tell ‘em no. When these people is buried, he’s buried here for life.`

—Elmer Ruiz, Gravedigger

It is not really accurate to call Terkel the “author” of this book. The real authors are the 133 subjects of Terkel’s interviews. Terkel serves as a stenographer and redactor, recording interviews and editing them into readable format. This is no mean feat, of course.

Lis Reader

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When the body says no: the cost of hidden stress by Gabor Maté is now on my list of favourite books. Find some more details about the book in this section.

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