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As one of the UK´s beloved radio broadcasters and oral historians of the seventies, Studs Terkel published a piece people like to talk about up until this day. In Working, Terkel speaks to Americans about what they do all day and about how they feel about what they do. Working by Studs Terkel is an insightful look into the lives of ordinary people with strong and extraordinary voices that we might not get to hear every day.

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The voices of real people on the meaning of work

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This book certainly shows it age

`They ask me if it’s true that when we bury somebody we dig ‘em out in four, five years and replace ‘em with another one. I tell ‘em no. When these people is buried, he’s buried here for life.`

—Elmer Ruiz, Gravedigger

It is not really accurate to call Terkel the “author” of this book. The real authors are the 133 subjects of Terkel’s interviews. Terkel serves as a stenographer and redactor, recording interviews and editing them into readable format. This is no mean feat, of course.

Lis Reader

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