The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald is one of the great American classic novels of the 20th century. It’s much more than just a love story, dealing with complex ideas about identity and The American Dream, and provides a glittering insight into life in the roaring twenties — when gangsters were celebrities and rich socialites behaved badly.

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Worth the read

Got chills when I read this book. Love this part:

“When I put the plate down, you don’t hear a sound. When I pick up a glass, I want it to be just right. When someone says, “How come you’re just a waitress?” I say, “Don’t you think you deserve being served by me?”
– Dolores Dante, waitress.


Great reminder that everyone has a story


This book certainly shows it age

`They ask me if it’s true that when we bury somebody we dig ‘em out in four, five years and replace ‘em with another one. I tell ‘em no. When these people is buried, he’s buried here for life.`

—Elmer Ruiz, Gravedigger

It is not really accurate to call Terkel the “author” of this book. The real authors are the 133 subjects of Terkel’s interviews. Terkel serves as a stenographer and redactor, recording interviews and editing them into readable format. This is no mean feat, of course.

Lis Reader

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