Published in 1966, Hell’s Angels is a raw and gritty exposé of one of America’s most notorious subcultures. Hunter S. Thompson, the author, lived and rode with the Angels for a year in the mid-1960s, providing a unique and insider’s perspective of the club’s culture, history, and activities. The book portrays the Angels as a violent and lawless group of outcasts who thrive on drugs, sex, and rebellion against mainstream society. Thompson’s interviews with members and their associates provide a thoughtful analysis of the motivations and values that drive the members of this notorious subculture, making it a classic work of New Journalism.


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In 2021, Lisanne recommended “Tell Me Who I am” by Alex and Marcus Lewis and said…

“It is an interesting idea how a seemingly great solution – losing all your bad and traumatic memories – isn’t a solution to the problems at all. As this documentary implies, emotions cannot be controlled, and by hiding certain emotions or painful experiences they aren’t cleaned up at all.”

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Intriguing coming-of-age story

This is an intriguing coming-of-age story, that reads like a psychological thriller. I have to say that I loved the book more than the documentary, but the story is either way very upsetting yet beautiful. I admire their courage of putting a story that’s so deeply personal out there.


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