To pursue a career through hard work, lots of energy and commitment is one thing. Another thing is to create a meaningful and healthy personal life, which requires a lot of work too. I believe those areas overlap and are intertwined. Once you know what you want and need, it becomes easier to make decisions that serve you well. In this section you will find my writings about living up to your full potential through a purpose-driven life.

How artists have used self-portraits to promote their work for centuries now

There has been a well-known saying throughout the history of art: “Every artist paints himself.” This catchphrase demonstrates that self-portraits were a big thing for artists throughout the years. But self-portraits has also been a way to promote the artists’ work and to find new customers for centuries now. This is how self-portraits have worked for those creatives.

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3 personal brand examples to inspire you

Whether you need inspiration for your personal business, website or hobby, this post has you covered. Personal branding can be useful in any kind of field, especially now. I’ll mention three of my personal brand favorites, and explain why I like them so much. Read on for some personal brand examples!

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This is my definition of success

I am always fascinated by lists like “The Most Powerful People In The World”, or “Forbes’ 30 under 30” and especially by how those lists are compiled and then interpreted by the public. In this blog post I would like to show you why the public definition of success strikes me – and how I would describe it myself.

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