A step closer to a world where every girl has the opportunity to learn and lead

A step closer to a world where every girl has the opportunity to learn and lead

I’M EXCITED to announce a meaningful initiative close to my heart, and one tied to our shared love for literature.

From this point forward, a portion of my earnings generated through the book recommendations I share on my blog will be dedicated to supporting the Malala Fund.

I started reading about the foundation after I had finished the memoir I Am Malala last May. I was deeply inspired by the story of Malala — a girl who stood up for girls’ education, and was shot by the Taliban. The story of Yousafzai’ underscores the importance of education, the resilience of the human spirit, and the power of speaking out against injustice.

There is currently no other foundation to which I would like to donate our combined proceeds.

The memoir powerfully describes the fundamental right of all children, especially girls, to receive an education, and it serves as a testament to the impact of education on individual lives and communities.

Malala launched her foundation in 2013 in order to remove barriers that hold girls around the world back from going to school. The organization is dedicated to ensuring that every girl receives 12 years of free, safe, and quality education worldwide.

Our community is steadily growing, and our long-term commitment is focused on contributing to a world where every girl has a chance to learn and lead.

How does it work?

When you leave a book review or make a purchase of a recommended book via my blog, you’re not just enriching your own reading experience, but also contributing to a greater cause. Your continued support in this journey not only fuels our passion for reading but also helps empower young minds.

Together, let’s create a brighter future for girls everywhere.

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