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From the lowest bidder to succeed, to the right person for the right job

In the U.S. alone, 57 million of the country’s population were self-employed, according to a study from Upwork. And while operating your own business offers numerous advantages, such as the opportunity to skip the commute and pursue your passion, freelance life is not without its challenges. Read on for the benefits of an online presence and find out what needs to be done, to get the right person to the right job.

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The difference between an entrepreneur and a freelancer

During my studies I started to work as a freelancer. I didn’t study for web-development and webdesign, but somehow I rolled into it. First I worked via an employment agency, later I decided that it was time to determine my own hourly wage. I know freelance life from the inside out, and along the way I came to conclude that being a freelancer is something way different than being an entrepreneur.

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When all of us speak up, change will come

Just like the blog that I wrote called this is my definition of success, this is another thought of mine that was stuck in my head for quite a while. There are certain things that strikes me when it comes to the public perspective of making a difference. Let me explain why I think you don’t have to be an actress or a politician to have your voice heard, for making a difference and to do some good.

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How artists have used self-portraits to promote their work for centuries now

There has been a well-known saying throughout the history of art: “Every artist paints himself.” This catchphrase demonstrates that self-portraits were a big thing for artists throughout the years. But self-portraits has also been a way to promote the artists’ work and to find new customers for centuries now. This is how self-portraits have worked for those creatives.

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