Q&A: Is there a motto or principle I live by?

Q&A: Is there a motto or principle I live by?

As busy as life can get, I aim to publish an answer to a reader’s question every month. Here’s a transcript of my answer to one of my favorite readers’ questions about my say-do ratio:

Is there a motto or principle you live by?

Thank you for your question. Living in this era is like being bombarded with constant noise from all directions. Social media, notifications, and the never-ending flow of information—it’s all a bit overwhelming sometimes.

When I open my laptop, it’s very challenging to escape the ads, the news updates, or the pressure to keep up with everything. And even away from the screen, our mobile phones interrupt even the most intimate moments we share with loved ones.

Therefore, I’ve got to figure out how to tune out the noise and carve out those moments where you can just breathe and be present, amidst the chaos of it all.

Unfortunately, this whirlwind of chaos is not going away anytime soon, and finding some headspace to get stuff done by setting ourselves firm boundaries is a real challenge. While the internet can be a place of chaos, I believe it can also be used more consciously and thoughtfully.

What I love about this blog is how it has become a safe space where people can connect and talk about things they’re passionate about. That’s what I love about it, and why I’ve initiated it in the first place. Most of the ancient wisdom you can’t find on top of the search engines and through my writings I try to bring this wisdom back into the loop.

Therefore, what comes to mind when I reflect on a potential motto, is the idea of boosting my say-do ratio wherever I can, trying to turn my words into deeds in a world full of distractions.

For example, if you’re someone who stands by what you say and gets stuff done, that’s a high say-do ratio and I like working with those people. It’s about being true to your promises and following through on what you say you’ll do. This ratio basically includes how well you match up your talk with your walk.

But a high say-do ratio requires wise decision-making around lowering day-to-day distractions. Dreaming is one aspect, but realizing those dreams requires another level of commitment and action. That’s why it’s difficult to follow through on it.

The say-do ratio, in essence, serves as my personal scorecard for staying true to promises and turning intentions and dreams into tangible actions. But I have to admit, it’s a work in progress. I mean, it’s easy for anyone to declare what they plan to do, but very few people take the time to truly consider how they want to spend every minute of their day and have a precise understanding of how they actually spend their hours and whether it was effective.

And so I find value in the say-do ratio, even though it’s an ongoing journey, and I’m right there navigating through it. The essence is not having everything perfectly figured out but rather sincerely contemplating my words and actions, making a conscious effort to really think about how moments are spent.


What’s your say-do ratio? Let me know in the comments.


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Thank you for reading. This reader’s question is part of the Ask Me Anything series. Feedback from you, the reader, is important to me. Want to ask me a question for next month? Send me your question via team@lisanneswart.com

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