10 out of 10: The source of curiosity, a law for everyone, and a unique glimpse inside Hell’s Angels

10 out of 10: The source of curiosity, a law for everyone, and a unique glimpse inside Hell’s Angels

Gathered here are 10 hand-picked findings that might spark your curiosity this month;


  • A wonderful quote I’ve come across this month. When given the opportunity to inquire without limitations, curiosity thrives and grows:

“Curiosity is a delicate little plant which, aside from stimulation, is mainly in need of freedom.”

Albert Einstein



  • November was a special month in which the “we” became bigger than the “I”. No matter which projects I work on in the future, I hope they’ll serve others as well. As I’ve mentioned before, 5% of the profit I make through this blog will be donated to The Malala Fund. This wonderful foundation is dedicated to fostering a world where every girl has the opportunity to learn and lead.


  • Books I’m reading: My mom brought me a beautiful copy of Letters to a Young Poet for my birthday. I didn’t have to encourage myself to read it, as it has been on my “want to read” list for years. I’ll share my thoughts about this recommendation soon.


  • November was also the month in which we welcomed the 400th subscriber to The Decoded, and paused for a moment to express my sincere gratitude. Read the Thank you note I wrote for the loyal readers who subscribed this year.


  • I’ve always felt a special connection to archives — they largely feel like time machines. Recently, I stumbled upon a fascinating video recording known as the Gonzo Tapes. It stands as a unique testament to Hunter Thompson’s work as an investigative reporter, and it’s probably the best and most authentic account we have of the truth behind the closed doors of Hell’s Angels. Take a listen to audio excerpts of Thompson’s daily encounters with the Hell’s Angels, or start reading his book Hell’s Angels. I truly recommend it.


  • I’ve seen a lot of people lately talking about Anne Hathaway’s cupcake hack. I highly recommend hers, and now my method of avoiding embarrassment: Just peel off the wrapper, detach the top, then flip the bottom over to create a cupcake sandwich. Enjoy!


  • One of the latest book reviews I received from a reader:

“After diving into Lolita, I’ve been wrestling with my own thoughts, feeling torn between hating Humbert Humbert and seeing some humanity in him. It’s been a real mind-bender, making me question my own biases and what I though I knew about right and wrong.”

– Leona, Austria.


(4 out of 5 stars)


  • Being humble is admirable. But when someone asks for information or an answer that involves you revealing your strenghts, it’s okay to step up and share. This article describes savvy self-promotion as a delicate balance of talking about your strengths without feeling like you’re boasting.  




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In the spotlight:

Gabriëlle Kok, 2017, acrylic on linen, 40 x 50 cm Collection of Gabriëlle Kok,
Schiedam, painted by Dutch artist Neel Korteweg. More at www.neelkorteweg.nl




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