Reader question #25: An odd habit of mine

Reader question #25: An odd habit of mine

Every month, I publish an answer to a reader’s question. Here’s a transcript of my answer to a reader’s question about odd habits.

Hey Lisanne, my question is do you have any odd habits, and if so, which one would you like to share?

I like to mess up my books. I mark sentences that I want to remember, I fold pages, I highlight interesting ideas, I make footnotes of material that I like to read later on, and sometimes I write on a page if it reminds me of something. I know most people like to keep their books clean and leave them untouched, but I actually cherish this odd habit of mine. The habit actually enriches my reading experience. Because of the handwritten notes I get back to the books more often than I would otherwise.

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Thank you for reading. This reader’s question is part of the Ask Me Anything series. I´d love to answer more of your interesting questions and get a sense of your interests. If you have questions to extend this Ask Me Anything section, please let me know. I like to hear from you. Send me your question via [email protected]

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