This featured artist is lightening up my upcoming newsletters

This featured artist is lightening up my upcoming newsletters

NEW YEAR, new beginnings. I believe that 2024 could be a promising start to initiate a positive shift and enrich my 10 out of 10 newsletter with something special.

Last November I was invited to visit the exposition De Kogel en de Hazenstaart initiated by Neel Korteweg in her atelier in Amsterdam. During the afternoon, her studio was packed with multiple loved ones, from friends, and colleagues, to family members. Several pieces from her new collection, as well as previous work, were showcased.

I have known Neel for whole my life and if you haven’t experienced her work yet, I definitely think you should hear more about it.

In my monthly newsletter 10 out of 10, I usually share 10 meaningful findings that are worthy of your attention — ranging from a wonderful quote, a handwritten book review, or a special project I’ve been working on.

But from now on, I will finish every newsletter edition by featuring this special artist I support and admire. For 2024, the spotlight section will be filled in by this Dutch artist, Neel Korteweg. Her oeuvre spans over 60 years, and you can read more about her on this website

Most artwork I’ll include in the newsletter will be portraits of just normal people. Some of them are more known than others, but what they seem to have in common is they all have a story to tell. Often through the blink of their eyes, you can experience they’re extraordinary — which Neel can capture so well in her paintings.

So you can expect one timeless piece of art at a time. Every month in your inbox.

I’m very grateful and excited for this collaboration. One of the things I have been consistently doing over the years is writing pieces and creating my own platform while supporting others in the process. It’s a great deal to me. Leadership and legacy to me are about inspiration. About both making your own dreams happen, while lifting others in the process.

Whether it’s a great, timeless, and timely piece of literature I’d like to share with my readers, to making a contribution to the Malala Fund to make sure girls around the world can go to school. It’s just a simple way to humbly lift each other up, and I also think more people should hear from.

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