3 Improvements I Have Made To My Writing

3 Improvements I Have Made To My Writing

Nothing truly beats a smooth, pleasant reading experience. Every now and then I like  to make small improvements to this platform, and, bit by bit, improve the online journey. While you’re navigating through this platform, there is more than writings and stories that makes your journey pleasant. Here are 3 improvements I recently made.


1. Citing references at the end of an article

You may have noticed that I have begun adding a “Footnotes” section to the end of some of my articles. For example, my articles High-quality information and Why We Need Other Stories On Climate, both have extensive sources listed.

I added the footnotes section for two reasons.

First, to properly cite the original sources that inspire my thinking. This is rare online. Even established journalism outlets like The Economist or Wall Street Journal rarely cite the full source. I mean, they do make typical references within the article, but it’s not always clear.

Second, with a University degree its not rare to me to include these footnotes. Actually, because of my training, it feels inappropriate to leave them out.


2. Adding a Thank You section at the end of an article

I haven’t said this many times before, but in nearly every idea I write about, I learned from someone else. I’d like to thank these people that make my work possible. I wouldn’t know what I know today without them.

Now, you might have noticed this already, but when you click on the footnotes section at the bottom of each article, you’ll find the line that says “Thank you to…”. It’s a small gesture to reward people for their contribution whenever possible.


3. Creating a meaningful space for you to comment and share

I recently launched the members only hub for insiders. In this section people can leave comments and share their thoughts, ideas, experiences and knowledge with more insiders. One of the things I love most about our community is that we have people who help others by sharing their knowledge and experience.

I can’t tell you how much I love that. Our community is a group of people from all around the globe and I couldn’t be happier to provide a space for us to help one another.


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