Introducing a new look and feel to my Bookshelf

Introducing a new look and feel to my Bookshelf

As a book-lover, I’ve spent the past few months sharing my reading lists with many of you, but I’ve grown increasingly frustrated by that same linear, chronological, non-visual structure of this page. So I’m thrilled to introduce a new look and feel, and I hope, lovely and highly usable too. This perpetual bookshelf invites you to explore the extensive book archive in a visual, and more user-friendly way:


book recommendations


Clicking each book on the shelf will reveal more about the book. The “Learn more about this book” link will take you to the main page of the respective book, where you can find further context, additional images, reviews from this community, quotes, and more.

What happened to you


To the left of each expanded book, you’ll see a list of tags. Clicking any of them will take you to a shelf of all books on that subject. To make your search for a new book to read easier, I´ve created several reading lists that you can use to navigate by topic of interest.

Join the tribe and share your thoughts

One of the most exciting things about books is the social part of reading. I´ve always cherished conversations where books functioned as great conversation starters. From the many conversations with friends, family and relatives about books that we read I came to notice that everyone connects to different parts of the story. Therefore, have something interesting and personal to bring to the conversation, even though you´ve read the same book. I love to not only bring books worth reading to the arena, but also the community aspect. A place where you can share your thoughts with women who like to read the same kinds of books, who like to know more about the same kinds of topics and want to improve their own lives for the better and to give back more. Leave your thoughts and book ratings behind on this shelf. More is coming up.


Support of local book stores

All of the recommendations on my shelf are connected to – buying your next book read there will help independent, local book stores thrive.


You can follow My Bookshelf by signing up, or access it anytime from the sidebar link (top left) here on Keep this section on top of mind in the upcoming months, because there will be more to share about the look and feel and user experience of this site.

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