Q&A: Thoughts of my younger self

Q&A: Thoughts of my younger self

Every month, I publish an answer to a reader’s question. Here’s a transcript of my answer to one of my favorite readers’ questions: Heey Lisanne, I’d like to know what kind of things you often wondered about as a child? Thanks for answering my question!

Around the time I was about nine to fifteen years old, I just couldn’t wrap my head around the idea why we use drinking water to flush the toilet. It didn’t make sense to me.

This fleeting thought must have come from me watching Het Klokhuis every day — a Dutch television program for children with information and humour about the world. I learned by watching this television program that every time we visit the bathroom and flush the toilet, there are 8 liters of drinking water flushed away. I just couldn’t wrap my head around that.

Additionally, when I became a teenager, there was a part in me that didn’t believe that my parents, Beyoncé or even Shakira were real human beings. That’s how my teenage brain worked. They seemed almost larger than life — like true superheroes.

Turning into adulthood meant that I eventually went through a process of realising that not only my parents have imperfections (like every other parent), but that these famous people do actually go to the toilet like everybody else.

Another thought that never left me up until this day, is why some stories make it to the news and others don’t. I still wonder about this sometimes. Many of the news stories we see today, are timely and fit the moment, but are rarely timeless in their message. There’s a wealth of knowledge and inspiration offline or in real life happening every day—ideas still very relevant and interesting. I tend to gravitate towards literature and reporting that offers that timely and timeless interestingness.

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Thank you for reading. This reader’s question is part of the Ask Me Anything series. I´d love to answer more of your interesting questions and get a sense of your interests. If you have questions to extend this Ask Me Anything section, please let me know. I like to hear from you. Send me your question via team@lisanneswart.com

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