The Best Fiction Books Of All Time

Recommended Reading List

ON THIS READING LIST, you’ll find a personal selection of the best fiction books of all time. As a labor of love, I’ve meticulously gathered the cream of the crop from the world of fiction. These recommended  books of fiction are not just literary works; they’re windows into the complex but fascinating workings of the human psyche. They offer profound insights into the motivations and desires that drive us.

The fiction books you’ll find here are not just bestsellers; they are timeless classics that have endured through the ages. They have resonated with readers from different generations, leaving an indelible mark on literature and the hearts of those who have ventured into their pages.

I must say it’s a daunting task to capture the best fiction books of all time. In the process, I discovered that “having a favorite”, reveals varying levels of liking. For example, must read books of fiction that impressed me the most as opposed to the ones you just keep reading and learning from. In other words, this collection is just beautifully varied.

Whether you’re an avid bookworm always on the hunt for your next literary adventure or someone seeking a remarkable story to captivate your imagination, I’m sure this list has something for everyone.

Within this page, you’ll discover tales that span different genres, eras, and styles, united by their ability to transport you to far-off worlds and introduce you to unforgettable characters. Every book featured here has been a part of my own literary journey, each one leaving an impression that lingers long after the final page is turned. As you explore this collection, I invite you to embark on your own journey into the rich and diverse realm of fiction.

And, if you’re eager for more literary discoveries, stay tuned. I’m constantly on the lookout for new gems to add to this ever-growing list of the best fiction books. So, let’s dive into the world of fiction books together. Happy reading!

Best fiction books of all time

These are the top 5 best fiction books to read. Click on the buttons for more details about the book, from community ratings, to book summaries, reviews, and information about the authors.

Lord of the flies
by William Golding
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This novel explores the dark side of human nature through the story of a group of young boys stranded on an uninhabited island after a plane crash, who must struggle to survive and maintain order while contending with the temptations of power, fear, and violence.


Poor Things
by Alasdair Gray
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A satirical novel set in Victorian Scotland, chronicling Bella Baxter’s struggles with identity and societal norms after being resurrected by a surgeon.

by Vladimir Nabokov | Amazon |
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A controversial novel about a middle-aged man’s obsession with a 12-year-old girl, which explores themes of desire, obsession, and the corrupting nature of lust.

Vladimir Nabokov discusses Lolita. Dive into the community reviews.

More of the best fiction books to read

Below you’ll find more of the best fiction books to read. Click on the buttons for more information about the book, and thoughts from this community of readers.

The Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitzgerald | Amazon |
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A novel about a healthy man living in Long Island, who becomes obsessed with winning back his former love, Daisy Buchanan, which ultimately leads to a tragic downfall.

The film adaptation of the Great Gatsby. Read some of the community reviews for this book.

The best fiction books I read in 2023

The best fiction books I read this year. If you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections please feel free to e-mail me.

The Lottery
by Shirley Jackson
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This short story depicts a small town’s annual lottery, a ritual sacrifice with tragic ending.

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