Best erotic stories for women

FEMALE PLEASURE. Best erotic stories by women for women.

The top erotic stories for women by women

These are the top 5 best essays to read. Click on the buttons for more details about the book: from community ratings to book summaries, reviews, and information about the authors.

My Secret Garden
by Nancy Friday
The Book Depository | Amazon |
Waterstones |

A collection of female sexual fantasies.

The top erotic stories for women

These are my favorite personal essays to read. In this genre of writing,  the writer shares their personal insights, anecdotes, and perspectives on a particular topic, theme, or event. Use the buttons to delve deeper into the details of the book.

Sex Drive: In Pursuit of Female Desire
by Bella Ellwood-Clayton | Amazon |
Waterstones |

Sexual anthropologist talks about libido at a time when women are being diagnosed with “sexual dysfunction”.

Letters to a young poet
by Rainer Maria Rilke | Amazon |
Waterstones | Barnes & Noble

Why I Write
by Joan Didion | Amazon |
Waterstones | Barnes & Noble

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