I always like to pick out a bunch of books to bring with me where ever I go. I like old school hardcovers and paperbacks, but I also use other ways of reading. Mostly it depends on my mood. Scroll through this section to see what I’m currently reading, or go directly to Book lists or Book reviews

My top 10 quotes to embrace reading books

In the next section I’ll share the following quotes to celebrate books and what they have to offer us.

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Building a life after losing all your memories

Book review: Tell me who I am is a tragic real-life story about two twin brothers from which one gets a car accident. Read on for my thoughts on this unusual story.

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Book Review: Educated by Tara Westover

Educated by Tara Westover is an inspiring book about the value of self-education and life journeys. Read on to get to know my thoughts on the book.

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Striking photos from readers all around the world

Reading has got something magical. It brings you in another state, another time and another place. It's almost travelling but then with your thoughts. The book by Steve McCurry

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