Unique and delightful newsletters to subscribe to

Unique and delightful newsletters to subscribe to

The newsletter is an incredible medium for independent creators — artists, writers, and even professors — to bring us interesting ideas, knowledge, and boundless inspiration. Newsletters have been circling around for a while, and although the medium isn’t new, the future will continue to embrace the newsletter as a means through which we can find out more about each other. Here is my personal selection of unique newsletters to subscribe to:


Newsletter recommendations

  • In the Writing Burrow | Margaret Atwood
    A Substack publication of somewhat random brain pickings. Interesting pieces for those who are interested in the person behind the impressive oeuvre of Margaret Atwood.
  • Dearest | by Monica McLaughlin
    An interesting investigation into the history and craftsmanship of antique jewelry “cherry-picked” from current auctions and dealer websites. The publications give you a glimpse into the bigger stories of their age. Even though this is a very niche newsletter, it breathes authenticity and It’s inspiring how a medium like a newsletter can be used.
  • The Decoded | by Lisanne Swart
    My own publication also belongs to this list of course. A monthly edition covering my own brain pickings on writing and the creative process, life, and books.
  • No Failure, Only Practice | Matt Bell
    Another Substack publication by writer Matt Bell, about the craft and technique of writing. From fiction writing exercises to reading recommendations and other writing craft discussions.


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