The best part of The Decoded

The best part of The Decoded

Despite my sincere effort to come up with great writing, the best and most captivating part of The Decoded extends beyond its articles. Although I thoroughly enjoy the process of writing and teasing my brain to generate new ideas, this offering excites me on another, more profound level too — it’s the opportunity to foster a genuine and supportive community. 

I have been sharing longer pieces of original writing on topics ranging from creativity, relationships, healing, emotional competency, and much more. The newsletter is a little peek at the world through my eyes, and as most of you know by now—I share one essay each month for free.

I believe people are more than ever craving authentic, no-filter, and personal connections. And that’s precisely what The Decoded is about: a direct connection to peoples’ brains, hearts, and souls.

Therefore, I have opened up the comments under the pieces as a way to spark conversation between people, and one of the things I love about online communities is people sharing their reflections and stories with each other.

These communities provide something special — a chance to be listened to. They can offer the kind of support, motivation, and guidance that is best when it comes from someone who has already walked down their path.

Lately, that has been watered down with all of the bots on most major platforms. This space will be free of that and it will be a much more tight-knit community. I also plan on spending some time in the comments to welcome questions about the topic I was addressing or grab some of your questions to respond to.

Sign up to receive The Decoded in your inbox, and create an account if you’d like to comment and join the conversation online.

Thank you for reading along all this time and I look forward to evolving into the next chapter of creating a community and connecting more deeply with you through this creative adventure.


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