The Year Ahead 2023

The Year Ahead 2023

Already one month in for 2023, but I’m excited for the year ahead. I’ve decided that I’ll be focusing on the following 3 areas:

  1. Unifying our community. We have over 350 people receiving the free newsletter each week, and thousands or more read my articles each year. Even if this is a small collection of people on the web, this loyal group keeps coming back. We are a community now, and every community has a worldview that unites its members. After much thought, I believe that our worldview is built around creativity, authenticity, and personal growth. Building a better Monthly newsletter to get links to what I’m publishing, reading, and thinking about is part of this journey and an important focus of 2023.
  2. Reading. I read 40 books in 2022, which is more than I have in any previous year. Some of my favorites were Mastery, Girlvert: a Porno Memoir, and Surrender: 40 songs, one story. In the last year I added specific reading lists and began keeping detailed book reviews of many nonfiction books. For this year ahead, I like to become more proactive about my reading habit.
  3. Become a fluent Spanish speaker. Something I wanted to do for so many years. I’ll keep you posted.


• • •

Thank you for reading. May the year ahead bring you lots of joy and curiosity. Stay tuned, or read my latest year ahead of 2024.






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