A personal note on the curated directory of small businesses run by women

A personal note on the curated directory of small businesses run by women

I grew up around accountants, architects, artists and cook´s. All entrepreneurial and creative in their own ways, being the heads of their own legacies. From very young I´ve seen from up close the top sport that it is being in charge all the time, but also how much freedom you get back from it as well. Building a culture and come up with ideas to solve problems always got my attention.

I work in the arts and entertainment industry and what we do is telling stories. As we know by now the industry lacks a certain representation when it comes to people of color and women and non-binary people. If we want to push the conversation and culture forward, we have the responsibility to bring everyone to the table. From the time this platform was a tiny space up until now, I´d like to use it to uplift others. My own opinions and ideals I already know. It´s more refreshing to spread a light on each others worlds to learn something new. I obviously already know what I know.

The directory is a celebration of female accomplishments, of ideas and personal visions of how to disrupt the market in the arts or entertainment. In other ways it´s a inspiring archive of powerful women who found ways to give back to their communities in different ways. I hope the directory will be of inspiration, but also a reminder that women definitely are, in many ways – good business.


Lifting eachother up:

businesses run by women

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