Reader question #6: Spiritual practice

Reader question #6: Spiritual practice

This month I received the following reader’s question, When it comes to spirituality, do you have any spiritual practices you do every day?

One practice that comes to mind is that I often remind myself that I never enter a room alone. You take your grandma with you, your grandpa, your mom, your sister, the people that meant something to you at a certain point in your life but are not part of your life anymore, whether they are dead or alive. People you loved or hated. All of those people learned you something. They are part of me, or you can say; they made me who I am today. So whenever I feel alone or confused, I make sure I go into silence mode. To that place inside myself that gives me the courage to do what I need to do, and to be who I need to be. The thing is: why not you. Sometimes you need to find ways to remind yourself of that.

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