Reviewed by Insiders: What Happened To You

Reviewed by Insiders: What Happened To You

After launching my platform and creating my bookshelf with recommended reads, I received a message from a girl in Australia who had stumbled upon “What Happened to You” after seeing it on my bookshelf. This book is for someone like her, and everyone else who is on a journey towards healing and resilience. “Reviewed by Insiders“, presents the perspectives shared by our community members regarding the book recommendations I’ve published. Below, you’ll find a few book reviews from insiders who have delved into the pages of What Happened To You.


Book reviews from insiders

This is a small selection of the book reviews written by this community of insiders. For more What Happened to You book reviews, check out the bookshelf.


I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. I normally don’t gravitate towards books in the self-help genre, but this piece is one of a kind. I liked their approach to promoting empathy. They insightfully highlighted the existence of emotional wounds in people, no matter who we are. It’s a powerful reminder to step back and resist the temptation to pass quick, hasty judgments based on mere fragments of behavior alone. Instead, they encourage a holistic view, urging readers to look beyond the surface. There is also a profound message of hope that resonates, at least with me, to foster and nurture our relationships. The book serves as a exquisite blend of scientific research and practical wisdom, offered in a conversational and accessible manner. The easily understandable insights make it a valuable guide for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of human nature. Highly recommended! (4 out of 5 stars)


Wonderful read with important message to the world. I was always aware that our childhood and early beginnings shape us and make us into the people we become. Yet, little did I know how certain wounds can translate into behavior that can barely recognized as some form of trauma. The examples given by Dr. Perry about the “dysfunctioning” kind in the classroom due to a simple trigger like a deodorant is truly mindblowing. (5 out of 5 stars)


I highly recommend listening to the audiobook instead of reading the book. As the book is basically one conversation between Oprah and Dr. Perry, the audio definitely adds something to the experience. I’m a big fan of reading personal stories but I probably like it even more how they have interwined the science into it, making it a fun and informative read – guiding you through it. I also like the attempt to make mental health more accessible to the public – removing barrieres to talk about it. This is one of those books that is not necessarily a piece of literature, yet it belongs to everyone’s bookshelf. While it may not achieve absolute perfection, I find it deserving of a solid four out of five stars, a testament to its contribution to humanity. (4 out of 5 stars)




Thank you for reading! Find this book on, Amazon, Waterstones, or Audible. On my bookshelf you find more book reviews of What Happened To You. Feel free to share your own thoughts on this book. 



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