I’m writing twice a week. Here’s why

I’m writing twice a week. Here’s why

For nearly 2 years, I have written new articles on LisanneSwart.com. Every week I published at least one article, and most of my other writings came sporadically— when there was time and inspiration. Today marks the end of my sporadic publishing pattern, and I wanted to let you know that I’m going to upgrade my writing frequency to at least twice a week.

When I started this once-a-week pattern in the winter of 2020, I had zero readers. Today, hundreds of people receive my monthly newsletter, in order to stay connected to new publishing.

Along the way, I’ve heard from many of you via email and enjoyed the satisfaction of knowing that my previous writing is making some small difference in the world. I’m very thankful to have you reading.


Quality stories

From the very beginning, my intention has been to create work that matters. Continuous quality work doesn’t happen without developing some level of skill as a writer. I need to write often to find my voice and build an audience. I need to write more than once a week to churn my average ideas into great ones so that I can uncover the best.

To produce continuous quality work I need to improve the way I practice my craft. I need the time and space to create a higher standard of work. I also need to build upon my previous efforts and pour more effort into each article.

Therefore, I feel a serious level of responsibility to produce work that is more meaningful and impactful. Writing will carry my work and ideas further than just about anything else. In the first place it’s important to myself, and in the second place to the reader. In the end, writers need readers to be able to do what we love.


Here is what you’ll get

So one of the projects that is important to me right now is The Hotpot. This project is still in its infancy, but I hope we are going to be able to create a different conversation around climate. One that’s about how to solve the specific climate problems we are facing right now, exploring what works and what doesn’t, rather than reporting that points out the dark statistics only. With every edition coming out each Thursday, I’ll be posting at least once a week and you can subscribe to the weekly Hotpot editions over here.

The second article will be published on the first Sunday of the month. This will be a personal essay published for The Decoded. I usually write down a meaningful thought or idea in order to foster a meaningful conversation. If you’d like to receive these essays you can subscribe to The Decoded.

At last, I’d like to continue with some occasional offerings. If I’ve something special to share, it will be published on a Thursday. In the Monthly email newsletter, I round up the best writings of the previous month to keep you tuned to new publishing and give you a glimpse inside the community. Among many things, you can expect an answer to an interesting reader question, announcements, book reviews from insiders or personally written by me, articles on the writing process, and the most widely shared in-depth article of the month. If you want to stay tuned to these types of stories and want to stay onboard on what’s happening, please sign up for the Monthly for extra offerings.

Writing has the power to inspire, teach, entertain, lead, and connect — and it can do those things long after the words have fluttered off my hands.

That’s exactly what my twice-per-week writing schedule hopefully does for the coming years. It’s a tool that helps me produce a volume of work, improve my skill set, and create meaningful work.

My new writing schedule will give me the space to create work that I hope will be more inspiring, more thoughtful, and more meaningful. I’m so excited to share what this next chapter has in store.

I’ll see you.



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