I launched a hub for members only. This is why you want to connect

I launched a hub for members only. This is why you want to connect

Today, I have an exciting announcement: After two years of writing, for the very first time a community hub will launch tomorrow. In The Year Ahead 2023, I wrote that I wanted to dedicate 2023 to unifying the community of readers. Both the Monthly and the Weekly newsletters are sent out to a bunch of readers, yet I’d love to use this platform to fuel more conversations. That’s why I’m thrilled to share a members only community with you, with some great community features included.


A safe haven to connect, listen and discover

The readers of this platform have been curious people from all walks of life, committed to personal growth and being of service to the world. The community of insiders is launched to better connect with those readers and to provide a place where curiosity and meaningful conversations can continue to flourish. A safe place to connect, listen, and celebrate ourselves and what matters most to us. The hub is an ongoing process, with more community features coming up.

You can become an insider for free. When you decide to join us you’re not only getting exclusive access to the full archive of The HotPot past editions, but you’ll be signed up to the Monthly and The HotPot newsletters (if you were not yet) to stay connected. I finish most of my articles with a question, so feel free to use the member-only feature to comment on articles, and upload a book review to leave your thoughts on books you’ve read.

Here is a sum-up of the community features:

Stay connected. Get my monthly newsletter, and receive the latest book recommendations, announcements, annual reviews, and more.

Discover exclusive content. As an insider, you get access to the full archive of weekly newsletters. The weekly’s are only available to subscribers, and by becoming an insider you can now go back and see past work too by browsing through all weekly publications.

Get in touch with insiders. Comment on articles, and leave your thoughts.

Write a book review. Rate your favourite books and share your thoughts with insiders.


Create an account, its free.


Do you have ideas on the user experience or things you’d like to see? Share your valuable thoughts with me, by writing me an email via team@lisanneswart.com.


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