A book hub of nonfiction books you can’t put down


A book hub of nonfiction books you can’t put down

If there is one consistent line throughout my life, it’s definitely my love for reading. I´ve found that books can be great conversation starters and there have been several moments where people came to me for what to read next. I enjoy having conversations about books with friends and relatives.


A destination to discover and explore

The book hub is my latest offering, a destination with thoughtful books to discover and explore. It took me hours of reading and research to come up with an eclectic book selection, and I obviously read every single one of them.

The featured book pickings all enriched me in several ways – from my understanding of relationships to building a meaningful career. While advice and prescriptions might be useful, even more valuable to us is insight into  ourselves and the workings of our minds and bodies. Insight, when inspired by the quest for truth, can promote transformation.

The book recommendations are, as you can imagine, personal to me and as much as these books have meant something special to me, I hoor they are going to be valuable on your journey too.

archive of nonfiction books you can´t put down.

A safe haven to connect, listen and celebrate

The archive is also an effort in building a community where curiosity and meaningful conversations can flourish. A safe place to connect, listen, and celebrate ourselves and what matters most to us. An online community for women can offer the kind of support, motivation, and guidance that is best when it comes from someone who has already walked down the path. I’ve always learned the most valuable lessons when being together. This book hub is an effort in creating a safe haven and provide recognition for those who’d like to grow. You’re never alone. In a world where women are interrupted, spoken over, and rarely encouraged to voice their concerns, online female communities provide something special — a chance to be listened to. There is something incredibly striking about the power that women are capable of creating (and passing on), when they stand by, with, and for each other. A power that creates a ripple of empowerment so liberating, that they can rise and emancipate themselves from oppression.


Diverse stories and voices

The great power of stories for me lies in the ability to promote empathy and compassion. I believe there are universal elements to the human experience – even though we all have walked different paths, have experiences that are unique to us, we all long for the same kinds of things. To be accepted, loved, respected and heard. The greatest books do just that: to put you in other people´s shoes for a moment. To let you feel how that must have been like. In a world where much if not most of our interactions are digital and scattered across the globe, I feel community and connection is now more important than ever.



Where to find the best nonfiction books:

Head over to my bookshelf to discover the book recommendations I’ve selected for you.

I´ve also made it easier to navigate through my perpetual selection of book picks, so check out the book lists as well to see if you can find something that matches your interest.

Share your valuable thoughts and leave them to others or start meaningful conversations.

Below you´ll find the top 5 books most appreciated by the community:


I´d love to hear what you think!


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