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My personal mission as a writer is to create narratives that not only entertain but also illuminate, heal, and unite the human spirit. Therefore, each hand-written issue features a meaningful reflection, personal learning, or idea, meant to start a conversation.

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“The Weekly´s are honest, thoughtful and soul-searching. On the other hand they are short, simple, and easy to digest, which is a rare combination I haven´t found anywhere else.” – Anonymous

“In a world where internet gurus tell us how to make our life better, Lisanne does the opposite — she gently provides food for thought.” – Sarah

 “I´m looking forward for these pieces of wisdom every week. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this.” – Blandine, UK.

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The personal essay is a form of creative nonfiction that allows the writer to explore and express their thoughts, experiences, and reflections on a specific topic. This often involves a subjective and introspective approach, sharing their unique perspective, emotions, and what's really on their mind, giving you an intimate glimpse into their world.

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Our newsletter fosters a sense of community among our subscribers, providing a platform for meaningful connections and collaboration. Engage in discussions, share insights, and connect with like-minded individuals who are also seeking personal growth and intellectual stimulation. Together, we can inspire and support one another on our journeys.

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Thought-provoking stories, that can help readers make sense of themselves and the world. Take a moment to pause, reflect, and find solace in the pages of our newsletter. Our writer's introspective musings will inspire you to contemplate life's profound questions, uncovering new insights and perspectives along the way.

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"The personal newsletter is different. It’s like a little essay, sent by a real person, designed to be read right inside your inbox, and written in a much more intimate, less formal tone of voice."

The Decoded is a personal global venture – an ultimate glimpse into Lisanne’s mind – at the service of the reader. This newsletter is for the inherently curious – people who love the joy of learning something new and expanding their own perspectives. This newsletter is an extension of Lisanne’s lifelong habit of keeping journals to make sense of the self and the world around her. On Sunday, a surprising thought or idea opens a world of fascinating information for readers to explore.

Founded by Lisanne, The Decoded, which launched in April 2022, is born out of the desire to write what she wished other blogs would talk about more often. I bring a unique perspective and a commitment to truth and authenticity. The essays are meticulously researched, offering a fresh and well-rounded approach to complex subjects. I strive to challenge conventional thinking, encouraging critical reflection and the exploration of new ideas.

This newsletter serves up an exclusive personal essay, and other stories, pieces of literature, information, thoughts, perspectives, and conversations with a thoroughly global lens. It is a batch of thoughtful publications brimming with fascinating stories and life lessons that inspire us all not simply to be more curious about the world around us but, ultimately, to be of service.

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