Many times other people explain topics like success, the value of intuition or reading better than I do. Quotes are powerful and could provide you some wisdom from time to time. I collected some powerful quotes on topics that matter to me. Explore this section to get some quote inspiration. Enjoy.

My top 10 quotes that challenge the way you think

Every now and then we need to challenge ourselves a bit to become aware of the way we think. We all have our own perceptions and opinions and - often subconscious - biases about things. It’s important to keep an open mind if we want to keep improving ourselves and engage in conversations that can…

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My top 10 quotes to embrace your intuition

We all have basic instincts that tell us to eat, sleep and survive. But we also have a spiritual instinct. Intuition is an important life skill. Read on for 10 of my favorite quotes.

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