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This machine read 3.5 million books then told us about our perception of men and women

When Bill Gates says that if he would start a business today, and it would be a startup to let machines read books through machine learning, you know that it’s just a matter of time when someone realizes it one day. Get to know this machine learning technology that was able to distract interesting patterns about men and women by reading 3,5 million books.Further Reading

Books · Women

From growing up in isolation, to make it to Harvard and Cambridge

The book Educated, A Memoir, chronicles the self-taught journey of Tara Westover from Mormon surveillist home to Harvard and Cambridge. It’s a very inspiring story of the value of reading books and teaching yourself things. There has been a lot of public attention for this story but read on if you want to know why I like the book so much.Further Reading

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Striking photos from readers all around the world

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Reading has got something magical. It brings you in another state, another time and another place. It’s almost travelling but then with your thoughts. The book by Steve McCurry On Reading that I came across recently shows that perfectly. Let me show you the amazing work of photojournalist Steve McCurry.Further Reading