I always like to pick out a bunch of books to bring with me where ever I go. I like old school hardcovers and paperbacks, but I also use other ways of reading. Mostly it depends on my mood. Scroll through this section to see what I’m currently reading, or go directly to Book lists or Book reviews


Introducing a new look and feel to my Bookshelf

The new version of this perpetual bookshelf invites you to explore the book archive in a more visual and more user-friendly way.

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I’ve featured my top 5 must read books of 2021

This is my book list for 2021. I've listed 5 book titles that really made my year.

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Books to put on your summer reading list 2021

When I finish a book and am deciding what to read next, my next book read will be the complete opposite of what I read before most of the times. I like it when books make me think, and after I've processed most often I find a book that serves a different fascination of mine.…

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This is why I think everyone should read the book What Happened To You?

An exploration of how what happens to us in early childhood – both good and bad – influence the people we become.

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A book hub of nonfiction books you can’t put down

A book hub where curiosity and meaningful conversations can flourish.

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5 amazing books I loved to read in 2020

My book list for 2020 is out now. I've listed 5 titles I think you should know about.

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The voices of real people on the meaning of work

Working by Studs Terkel is full of interviews with people in ordinary jobs, who share how they think and feel about their work.

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What 3.5 million books can reveal about the way we think of men and women

As women we are exposed to a culture that in many cases seems to be designed for men. In this study researchers attempted to unravel the widespread pattern of the way we perceive men and women.

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This story from Silicon Valley is almost too wild to believe

Recently I read the book Bad Blood by John Carreyrou. Read on for my thoughts.

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My top 10 quotes to embrace reading books

In the next section I’ll share the following quotes to celebrate books and what they have to offer us.

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