Partnering with Medium

Partnering with Medium

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m partnering with Medium.


With 60 million readers coming to this publishing platform every month, it’s the ultimate place to discover new talent, to learn something new and to engage in meaningful conversations with readers and writers across the globe.


I’m grateful for the humble audience I’ve been able to create here over the last period. While the personal blog will be continued as you’re used to and so remains my ultimate priority, writing on Medium feels the next right move in an effort to spread my stories further across.



The long reads will be published on this platform first, before they can be found on Medium. I hope to bring a little more thoughtfulness into a fast changing world of clicks and likes. Therefore, I will continue to craft stories that hopefully speak to people, and may be relevant a week or even a month later.


Stay tuned if you want to know more, and follow me if you’re on Medium as well.



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