Partnering with Medium

Partnering with Medium

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m partnering with Medium.

With 60 million readers coming to this publishing platform every month, it’s the ultimate place to discover new talent, to learn something new and to engage in meaningful conversations with readers and writers across the globe.

I’m grateful for the humble audience I’ve been able to create over the last period. While this personal blog will be continued as you’re used to and so remains my ultimate priority, writing on Medium feels the next right move in an effort to spread my stories further across.

So in the coming period I will continue with where it all started: with that first page that I later called My Bookshelf – a personal list of book recommendations for people to discover. Before there was a Weekly Newsletter to begin with, this platform included only this page and I added the book notes at the time to share a little bit more about why these books were so personal to me – and to guide you in making the right choice.

Before the book reviews can be found on Medium, they’ll be published on this platform first. So I will continue to craft stories that hopefully speak to people, and I hope these writings will provide you some food for thought. Stay tuned if you want to read more, and follow me if you’re on Medium as well.



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