In a seemingly peaceful and close-knit town, the annual lottery serves as a chilling reminder of the dark undercurrents that flow beneath the surface of their community. As families gather in anticipation, the tension mounts. The “winner” of the lottery is not met with celebration but with dread, as they become the sacrificial lamb, chosen to be stoned to death by their own neighbors. With shocking swiftness, the story exposes the horrifying consequences of blind adherence to tradition, questioning the morality of blindly following customs that perpetuate violence and suffering, and leaving the reader with a lingering sense of unease and contemplation.


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In 2023, Lisanne recommended “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson

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Five stars!

I was able to read this book and it touched me to the core and I came out of it as a changed person. Very few books have ever had that effect on me, and it is relevant on so many levels. It will encourage people to be true to themselves and not keep dark secrets under wraps they suffered as children, often causing pain they carry for a lifetime and in many cases destroy lives – I salut the twins, Marcus and Alex Lewis for their bravery to come forward and share their lives journeys with us. Beautiful job by Hodgkin who tells the story with so much integrity. Even though shocking, this story is inspiring, and empowering and will bring about change. Bravo!


Intriguing coming-of-age story

This is an intriguing coming-of-age story, that reads like a psychological thriller. I have to say that I loved the book more than the documentary, but the story is either way very upsetting yet beautiful. I admire their courage of putting a story that’s so deeply personal out there.


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