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From the lowest bidder to succeed, to the right person for the right job

In the U.S. alone, 57 million of the country’s population were self-employed, according to a study from Upwork. And while operating your own business offers numerous advantages, such as the opportunity to skip the commute and pursue your passion, freelance life is not without its challenges. Read on for the benefits of an online presence and find out what needs to be done, to get the right person to the right job.Read more

Online presence

Why personal branding is more important than ever

Whether you’re an employee, freelancer or entrepreneur, cultivating a personal brand – especially online – has become more important than ever. In this article I want to highlight the importance of personal branding, and why the moment for personal branding is now. Stick with me!

Passion project

First and foremost, I started with blogging because I felt that I had a lot to say.… Read more