Our health is an integral part of our lives. All around the world, we are facing several health related challenges. Whether these challenges are physical or mental. In this section you can read what has been done to improve the world we live in and what we can do to help. Pick a story that you’ll like, or go directly to Mental Health

Secure your own oxygen mask first before you assist others

Each time we get on an airplane, we hear flight attendants share some variation of the Oxygen Mask Rule; “should the cabin lose pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the overhead area. Please secure your own oxygen mask first before you assist others.” In this writing I like to explain what could possibly be wrong with helping others first and how the oxygen mask could be a metaphor for life.

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What the Coronavirus outbreak taught us about kindness

The year 2020 started off with a shock. As we all know, the coronavirus outbreak led to a shut-down of our boarders, our shops, our cafés and restaurants. But despite the cruel impact of the coronavirus on our health and daily lives, the impact of coronavirus has also left us with some wonderful acts of kindness.

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Diarrhea can be a matter of life and death

This is my second blog about an invention in philanthropy made possible by the Gates foundation. The other one that I wrote was about the vaccine cooler. By now, it might be clear that i’m truly fascinated by their work – and I think they are a true example of how to get things done in philanthropy.

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You can’t count on others to tell you you’re worth it

We all experience self doubt to some level every once in a while. It’s normal to experience it, until it becomes something that stands in your way. Let me share my thoughts on why you can’t count on others to tell you you’re worth it. Read on for my blog about self doubt.

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This vaccines cooler is going to save people’s lives

Keeping vaccines cold when you’re delivering them to the most remote places on earth is a tough challenge. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has come with quite a creative and innovative solution for that challenge, I must say. Read on if you want to know how the Indigo Cooler is able to save people’s lives.

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