Today’s agriculture is increasingly intensive – it emits tons of greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide. In this section you can learn about where the meat industry stands today, what inventions we need or are already implementing and how we can change our habits in order to get to zero emissions.

Is it time to embrace a meat tax?

If we want to avoid a climate disaster, it is important to drastically reduce the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The principal of “the polluter pays” is often shared and under that same guise Western countries are now considering whether it’s a sensible idea to place higher taxes on meat products.

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One step closer to cultured meat

After Memphis Meats recently closed the largest funding moment in the history of the cultured meat industry, we’re now one step closer to a sustainable food industry. It’s exciting to see how clean meat companies like Memphis Meats are focused on making a positive change. It’s also great to see backing from some of the world’s top investors, meat industry leaders and groups.

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