Why I like Employer Branding

One of the tools companies use to attract the right talent, is employer branding. It can be used as a way to stand out as a workplace in the competitive hiring environment and to become recognizable for candidates. But on the flip side, employer branding can be valuable for candidates too. Read on if you like to hear why I like employer branding so much.Read more

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One step closer to cultured meat

After Memphis Meats recently closed the largest funding moment in the history of the cultured meat industry, we’re now one step closer to a sustainable food industry. It’s exciting to see how clean meat companies like Memphis Meats are focused on making a positive change. It’s also great to see backing from some of the world’s top investors, meat industry leaders and groups.Read more

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The difference between an entrepreneur and a freelancer

During my studies I started to work as a freelancer. I didn’t study for web-development and webdesign, but somehow I rolled into it. First I worked via an employment agency, later I decided that it was time to determine my own hourly wage. I know freelance life from the inside out, and along the way I came to conclude that being a freelancer is something way different than being an entrepreneur.Read more


What nonprofits and Coca-Cola can learn from each other

In some ways running a blog business is almost like riding a roller coaster. On the one hand it is fun and exciting and on the other hand it’s bumpy and you’re constantly reminded of the fact that there’s so much to learn and practice. In this article I like to show you what nonprofits and Coca-Cola can learn from each otherand why that lesson to learn from your opposite is so valuable for each of us.Read more