Explore some great business lessons or business ideas from ordinary and extraordinary people around the world. From how they came up with it and that they change the world. Scroll through this section to see what I’ve written.

The true answer to the question Sell Me This Pen

The first time I heard the words "Sell me this pen", was when I saw the movie Wolf of Wall Street. I'm sure that anyone who’s seen this film in theatre or at home probably remembers this movie scene. I'm a big fan of the movie because it reflects the time we are living in,…

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Why I like Employer Branding

One of the tools companies use to attract the right talent, is employer branding. It can be used as a way to stand out as a workplace in the competitive hiring environment and to become recognizable for candidates. But on the flip side, employer branding can be valuable for candidates too. Read on if you like to…

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One step closer to cultured meat

What if all the passionate meat lovers in the world could continue eating meat, without compromising the environment...

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Companies that embrace the unexpected

In this article I like to show you some examples of brands that made some odd and unexpected moves to change people's mindsets. I like to show you why these campaigns worked the way they did by laying out three ways that brands can use to change how consumers feel about them and, in turn,…

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The difference between an entrepreneur and a freelancer

During my studies I started to work as a freelancer. I didn't study for web-development and webdesign, but somehow I rolled into it. First I worked via an employment agency, later I decided that it was time to determine my own hourly wage. I know freelance life from the inside out, and along the way…

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How the founder of Starbucks made it a success, without even having a passion for coffee

It may sound counter-intuitive to be the founder of such a big coffee concern in almost half of the world, while coffee isn't even your biggest passion. I have to say that it is not counter-intuitive by any means, and according to Howard Schultz, the man himself, he really turned his passion into reality. But…

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360 degree video: the future of online content

The days when we only used words to fill our blog posts are definitely over. If you're an artist or an entrepreneur who likes to experiment with different forms of visual storytelling, you might like this post on 360 degree video. Read on for a new way to engage with audiences. Finding new ways to…

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avant arte

This business idea will make art accessible for everyone

Instagram can be, as it turned out, a facilitator of new ideas in business and help them grow. Avant Arte is a great testament to that. This initiative has the mission to promote accessible art and to bring great art to every person around the globe. Let me introduce you to this business idea called…

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What nonprofits can learn from Coca Cola

In some ways running a blog business is almost like riding a roller coaster. On the one hand it is fun and exciting and on the other hand it's bumpy and you're constantly reminded of the fact that there's so much to learn and practice. In this article I like to show you what nonprofits…

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