Timeline of upcoming and past events

Here’s a full list of some of
the things I’ve been working on:

2020, Decembre

Launch of the personal blog.

2021, January

Introduction of the Bookshelf. A selection of my favourite books.

2021 April

Additional feature for the Bookshelf: Personal reading lists to structure the book archive on interesting topics.

2022 April

Launch of the Weekly Thoughts Newsletter. Receive one thought or idea into your inbox every week.

2022, May

Support the Weekly newsletter by becoming a supporter. Find out what other´s have said about the Weekly.

2022, May

Partnering with Medium. My collection book reviews published on one of the biggest platforms in the world.

2022, June

Hit the first 100 subscribers for the Weekly Thoughts Newsletter.

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2022, June

Additional feature for the Bookshelf: It´s now possible to post book ratings and leave reviews on books you´ve read. Let´s share our thoughts with each other.

2022, August

The Curated Directory to celebrate women-led businesses across the globe. A collection of both big and small companies in the Arts & Entertainment Industry and non-profit.