Meaning of work

Work brings us financial stability, a social network, and if we are lucky enough – also meaning. What we are looking for through work has always been interesting to me because everybody has to deal with it in some way. In this section you can find what I’ve written about meaning and work.

My top 10 quotes about work and loving your job

Work is a central theme in not only my life, but that of many – we quickly spend half of our week working. The significance of work goes beyond the reward of a paycheck. Although work enables us to financially support our lives, it can also provide us meaning and fulfillment.

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From the Short Stories Series: Three Bricklayers

The story of three bricklayers is an authentic parable with different angles. Although you’ll find many variations of this bricklayer story online, each version tells of three people working on the same wall and doing the same work, but with totally different attitudes. Read on to get the short story and the lessons behind it.

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