Meaning of work

Work brings us financial stability, a social network, and if we are lucky enough – also meaning. What we are looking for through work has always been interesting to me because everybody has to deal with it in some way. In this section you can find what I’ve written about meaning and work.

This is the difference between a job and a calling

If someone would ask my younger self what I wanted to be when I would grow up, I probably would have answered either a journalist or an entrepreneur. I guess it was in many ways the kind of life I wanted to live. For me it was the ultimate dream - meeting new people, going…

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My top 10 quotes about work and loving your job

Work is a central theme in our lives. The meaning of work goes often beyond the reward of a paycheck. In this section I'll share some great quotes about work and what it means to us.

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The voices of real people on the meaning of work

Working by Studs Terkel is full of interviews with people in ordinary jobs, who share how they think and feel about their work.

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From the Short Stories Series: Three Bricklayers

Read on for the parable about the three bricklayers and their meaning of work.

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