Meaning of work

The meaning of work has always been interesting to me because everybody has to deal with it in some way. During our working hours we are looking for similar but different things. Explore my latest posts about this topic.

This is the difference between a job and a calling

Work has been an important part of my life as it's of many people. If you are not satisfied with your current job, 

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My top 10 quotes about work and loving your job

Work is a central theme in not only my life, but everybody’s. We quickly spend half of our week working. Work not only helps us to financially support our lives. Work can also provide us meaning and fulfillment. Therefore, the significance of work goes beyond the reward of a paycheck, and how we would like…

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The voices of real people on the meaning of work

Working by Studs Terkel is full of interviews with people in ordinary jobs, who share how they think and feel about their work.

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From the Short Stories Series: Three Bricklayers

Read on for the parable about the three bricklayers and their meaning of work.

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