Dealing with failure

10 successful people who failed hard but used it as fuel on their road to success

Sometimes it's more interesting to talk about failures than about achievements. Especially when the screw-ups come from people that turned out really well. Read on for some examples of people who failed but actually used those failures on their way to success.

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My top 10 quotes about failure and that thin line between winning and losing

The way we approach failure often gets in the way for many of us. In this section I will share with you some powerful quotes about failure that might change your perspective on it.

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From the short stories series: The Struggles of Our Life

This short story is about a father who wants to teach his daughter a lesson. The short story is about dealing with failure and disappointments. Read on for the Struggles of Our Life.  

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This is my definition of success

I am always fascinated by lists like “

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