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The true answer to the question Sell Me This Pen

The first time I heard the words "Sell me this pen", was when I saw the movie Wolf of Wall Street. I'm sure that anyone who’s seen this film in theatre or at home probably remembers this movie scene. I'm a big fan of the movie because it reflects the time we are living in,…

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How the founder of Starbucks made it a success, without even having a passion for coffee

It may sound counter-intuitive to be the founder of such a big coffee concern in almost half of the world, while coffee isn't even your biggest passion. I have to say that it is not counter-intuitive by any means, and according to Howard Schultz, the man himself, he really turned his passion into reality. But…

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What nonprofits can learn from Coca Cola

In some ways running a blog business is almost like riding a roller coaster. On the one hand it is fun and exciting and on the other hand it's bumpy and you're constantly reminded of the fact that there's so much to learn and practice. In this article I like to show you what nonprofits…

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How artists have used self-portraits to promote their work for centuries now

There has been a well-known saying throughout the history of art: “Every artist paints himself.” This catchphrase demonstrates that self-portraits were a big thing for artists throughout the years. But self-portraits has also been a way to promote the artists' work and to find new customers for centuries now. This is how self-portraits have worked…

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Why marketing is an unacknowledged art form

Marketing is often simplified by saying that it's only done without integrity. In an interview that I read with documentary maker Louis Theroux, he claims that marketing is an “unacknowledged art form”. Louis mentions that he sees much in marketing “to enjoy” and is intrigued by the balance of “seduction and sales”. I couldn’t agree…

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