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The true answer to the question Sell Me This Pen

The first time I heard the words "Sell me this pen", was when I saw the movie Wolf of Wall Street. I'm sure that anyone who’s seen this film in…

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How the founder of Starbucks made it a success, without even having a passion for coffee

It may sound counter-intuitive to be the founder of such a big coffee concern in almost half of the world, while coffee isn't even your biggest passion. I have to…

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What nonprofits can learn from Coca Cola

In some ways running a blog business is almost like riding a roller coaster. On the one hand it is fun and exciting and on the other hand it's bumpy…

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How artists have used self-portraits to promote their work for centuries now

There has been a well-known saying throughout the history of art: “Every artist paints himself.” This catchphrase demonstrates that self-portraits were a big thing for artists throughout the years. But…

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