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I always thought of my career as a collection of projects and moments – not necessarily jobs. A series of things that needed to be created, invented and heard. Curiosity, excitement and passion were often valuable feelings that guided me through my decision-making. On the one hand they gave me a sense of what projects to commit to and on the other hand they gave me the fuel to push harder, to learn more, and to try again. Every project that you put out is a result of your energy, your commitment, your preparation and the best you can at that moment. Passion is an important driver here as it directly influences your eagerness to push forward.


This single approach of building a career around projects that I’m passionate about could also be frightening at times. Frightening, because failing at what you love is more painful than being judged for something you don’t care about. But intentionally committing yourself to the projects you are passionate about, makes it more likely that we live our lives with purpose and meaning.


The stages of a project—being stuck, seeing an outcome, sharing a vision, being rejected, inventing something new, building it, editing it, launching it, planting the seeds for growth—I’m thrilled it’s a cycle I’ve been able to repeat hundreds of times over the years. It has been a real joy to take this path and learn this way, and I’m looking forward to see how many great things I can do more.


Here are a handful of the projects I’ve created over the last period – a full summary of my blogging journey from the start, and everything that came with it.

April, 2022

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Book Recommendations.

I share one book recommendation a months through this book hub. The hub is there to connect readers everywhere, and engage them to take part in conversations with one another and authors. On my Bookshelf you can scroll through all of the books I recommended, on this page you can find my personal reading lists, and in this section you can read my book notes. Subscribe to receive book recommendations in your mailbox.

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Other Projects and Interests

A couple of others things about me…


Dutch is my native language and because I love culture and learning new languages, I also learned how to speak English and Spanish fluently.

Great speeches and interviews.

On the side, I like to search for insightful speeches and interviews with interesting people that have something important to share and not forget. Some of these people are well known, others not so much. I´d like to create a portal with transcripts of these great interviews and speeches soon.

Other contributions

Connecting readers, independent book sellers around the world through books…

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