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Let’s collaborate. Beneath you’ll find some examples for what you can ask me forFor other inquiries or ideas, feel free to go to contact me.

Ideas in business and philanthropy

Do you want to bring your business idea to the attention of more than 2500 curious creative entrepreneurs and readers (mostly women) a month? In this section I write about the ideas in business and philanthropy that I come across.

However, I only post ideas to what I feel personally connected to. Most of the times I’m attracted to the ones that I think are unconventional, creative and innovative solutions to existing social problems. Drop a line if you want to get more information about my media kit.

Guest blogs

Do you have your own platform and would like to work with me? Please contact me via the form. I will offer you more information about my writing skills and further options for guest blogging.


I’m very picky on this but YES there are some areas on this website that can be used for advertising. If you want to collaborate with me in that way, head over to this section of the website.



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