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Books to put on your summer reading list 2021

This is my summer reading list 2021.   Pickings When I finish a book and am deciding what to read next, my next book read will be the complete opposite…

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My newest book club pick: What Happened To You

What Happened To You?304pp. PaperbackBy Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Perry> Buy  …

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Ask me anything you would like to know about me

(1) Please login to bookmark Username or Email Address Password Remember Me In this Ask Me Anything blog, we discussed everything from dreams and life questionings, to the most useless thing I ever bought.

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Read Amanda Gorman’s powerful inauguration poem that calls for unity

(0) Please login to bookmark Username or Email Address Password Remember Me The young poet Amanda Gorman took the stage at the inauguration of Joe Biden earlier this month. She delivered her poem “The Hill We Climb”, and as befits a good storyteller she found a way to communicate a powerful message of unity and togetherness that reached not only the U.S., but far across the globe. Read the transcript of the full poem below.

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Four times a year I select a new book for viewers to read and discuss. You can find the book selection on my Bookshelf. Make sure you are tuned in.

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