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How a girl from a mormon survivalist home transformed herself to participate in Harvard and Cambridge

7 minute read

The book Educated, A memoir, chronicles the self-taught journey of Tara Westover from mormon surveillist home to Harvard and Cambridge. It’s a very inspiring story of the value of reading books and teaching yourself things. There’s much said about this book, but read on if you want to know why I like the book so much.

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Weird beauty products you’ve never seen before

5 minute read

You can find the most extra-ordinary things on Amazon. The platform even added the category “weird beauty products” to it’s website. But “weird” really is an understatement… I mean, bacon balm and placenta conditioner?! In this article I show you the work of Evija Laivina, a Scottish-based photographer that studied the beauty products of our time, and started to create an amazing book out of it.

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