Most of my work is dedicated to women. There are so many great and beautiful women around the world – from the Middle East to the VS and from Africa to Europe. We come in many shapes, colors and we walk different paths.
There are so many women’s stories and each story is unique. My blog and this section in particular is there to bring some visibility to the diverse lives of women everywhere. Pick a story that matches your interest.  

5 special women to admire for their courage

Through history, many women have had immeasurable impact on culture and society.In this post I like to highlight some phenomenal women for their courage.

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Why investing in women’s education is important for a brighter future

Poverty disproportionally affects women. Educating them on how to be financially independent can benefit women in many ways. Let me give you the pro's of investing in women's education.

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What 3.5 million books can reveal about the way we think of men and women

As women we are exposed to a culture that in many cases seems to be designed for men. In this study researchers attempted to unravel the widespread pattern of the way we perceive men and women.

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This powerful photo series shows what young girls from conflict areas want to be when they grow up

Vincent Tremeau's work focuses on raising awareness around humanistic issues across the globe. For this project he asks displaced girls living in refugee camps a single question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The result shows us why we should make women's empowerment a priority and promote young girls education.

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