Book lists

From selections of books to put on your summer reading list to a list of my favorite books. In this section I’ve shared some book lists with books worth reading.

Books to put on your summer reading list 2021

This is my summer reading list 2021.


When I finish a book and am deciding what to read next, my next book read will be the complete opposite of what I read before most of the times. I like it when books make me think, and after I’ve processed most often I find a book that serves a different fascination of mine.

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5 amazing books I loved to read in 2020

In a bumpy year like 2020, you sometimes need a break and sometimes you want to dive a bit deeper into a tough issue. Almost all of the books I read this year were non-fiction books, as I choose most of the times. If you like to know what kind of books I loved to read this year, then read on to get 5 amazing pickings of 2020.

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