Good climate news: How I came up with The Hotpot Newsletter

Good climate news: How I came up with The Hotpot Newsletter

LAST JANUARY we published the first edition of The Hotpot. This newsletter is my latest project, offering readers climate reporting with a unique editorial focus on solutions. We are growing organically and steadily since, and I hope you’re going to enjoy this weekly publication.

I came up with the concept of The Hotpot in the second half of 2022. Many of the projects I’ve committed myself to over the years came from a personal need or desire. I’ve been fascinated with innovations, tech, and climate for a very long time, and I felt the conversation on climate needed a push in a more positive direction.

I’ve to admit that for several years I have been watching the news and reading the newspapers with concern probably like everybody else, and while climate change is one of the most fascinating areas for me to learn about right now, I also can’t ignore the doom and gloom messages triggering a certain amount of hopelessness in me. While being exposed to today’s climate news can be overwhelming, I also felt it’s starting to become a tough story to write about.

While most of the messages on climate change are predominantly short-term, dire, and alarming, on the flip side it has started to trigger a certain level of what is called news fatigue among readers. Previous studies on the impact of news on our mental health have shown negative views leave people feeling disengaged, demotivated, and depressed and can leave audiences with a skewed view of the world.

Over time I have been subscribing to numerous interesting, high-value newsletters on climate, and delved into a wealth of short and long-form reporting on the topic. This exercise not only improved my knowledge about the topic but also allowed me to develop a keen understanding of the journalists and experts actively contributing to the field. So much so that I increasingly started to get intrigued by the research, inventions, and technology that has been developed to tackle specific climate challenges. Consequently, it provided me with a solid foundation to curate the very best articles on climate for The Hotpot.

The main value subscribers stand to gain from The Hotpot lies in its expertly curated selection, meticulously chosen by me. By sifting through the overwhelming sea of information, I distill the most captivating and thought-provoking pieces, saving readers precious time and effort. Additionally, my personal commentary accompanying each pick adds a layer of context and insight, transforming the reading experience into a captivating journey of intellectual discovery.



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